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Adolfo Neto
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Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

Elixir Fountain was the first podcast focused on the Elixir language.
The first episode was published on June 9, 2015 and the latest on 09 Aug 2019.

In the past, I wrote “Top 9 episodes of the Elixir Fountain podcast”.

The host and creator of Elixir Fountain is Johnny Winn (@johnny_rugger) and the podcast is currently on pause.

More information about this and other Elixir podcasts at https://github.com/adolfont/elixir_cop/blob/master/podcasts.md.

The source for the episode titles below is an old version of the podcast RSS https://web.archive.org/web/20200815060522/http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:24638646/sounds.rss. The current podcast RSS contains only 3 episodes today (November 6th, 2020).

Notice that the RS contains information for 85 episodes. The last episode is #86 but there is no episode #77.

Elixir Fountain 6.5.15 — Guest José Valim
Elixir Fountain 2015–06–22 — Guest Josh Adams
Elixir Fountain 2015–07–10 — Guest Saša Jurić
Elixir Fountain 2015–07–20 — Guest Chris McChord
Elixir Fountain 2015–08–04 — Guest Samuel Tonini
Elixir Fountain 2015–08–26 Jim Freeze & Chris McCord
Elixir Fountain 2015–09–11 Eric Meadows-Jönsson
Elixir Fountain 2015–09–25 Dave Thomas
Elixir Fountain 2015–10–02 Robert Virding
Elixir Fountain 2015–10–09 Live From ElixirConf!
Elixir Fountain 2015–10–16 Rob Conery
Elixir Fountain 2015–10–23 Sonny Scroggin
Elixir Fountain 2015–10–30 Jessica Kerr
Elixir Fountain 2015–11–06 Lennart Fridén
Elixir Fountain 2015–11–13 Alan Gardner
Elixir Fountain 2015–11–20 Justin Schneck
Elixir Fountain 2015–12–04 Proctor
Elixir Fountain 2015–12–18 Steve Pallen
Elixir Fountain 2016–01–08 Joe Armstrong
Elixir Fountain 2016–01–15 Rob Conery
Elixir Fountain 2016–01–22 Chris McCord
Elixir Fountain 2016–02–01 Paul Lamb
Elixir Fountain 2016–02–05 José Valim
Elixir Fountain 2016–02–12 Fred Hebert
Elixir Fountain 2016–02–22 Francesco Cesarini & Steve Vinoski
Elixir Fountain 2016–02–29 Augie De Blieck
Elixir Fountain 2016–03–14 Peter Hamilton
Elixir Fountain Josh Adams 2016–03–21
Elixir Fountain David Padilla 2016–04–05
Elixir Fountain Jean — Francois Cloutier 2016–04–11
Elixir Fountain Bryan Joseph 2016–04–18
Elixir Fountain Paul Schoenfelder 2016–05–03
Elixir Fountain Eric Merritt 2016–05–10
Elixir Fountain Brian Cardarella 2016–05–16
Elixir Fountain Lance Halvorsen 2016–05–23
Elixir Fountain James Edward Gray 2016–05–31
Elixir Fountain René Föhring 2016–06–13
Elixir Fountain Jeff Weiss 2016–06–20
Elixir Fountain Michał Muskała 2016–06–27
Elixir Fountain Gary Rennie 2016–07–05
Elixir Fountain Evan Czaplicki 2016–07–11
Elixir Fountain Andrea Leopardi 2016–07–25
Elixir Fountain Benjamin Tan 2016–08–01
Elixir Fountain Lau Taarnskov 2016–08–08
Elixir Fountain Ben Marx 2016–08–16
Elixir Fountain Boyd Multerer 2016–08–24
Elixir Fountain Chris Keathley 2016–08–29
Elixir Fountain Ben Wilson 2016–09–07
Elixir Fountain Morgan Laco 2016–09–13
Elixir Fountain John Hughes 2016–09–23
Elixir Fountain Brian Marick 2016–09–28
Elixir Fountain Lauren Tan 2016–10–03
Elixir Fountain Sean Callan 2016–11–08
Elixir Fountain Tetiana Dushenkivska 2016–12–08
Episode 55: Machine Hacking and The Nerves Project w/ Garth Hitchens
Episode 56: From Elixir to Erlang w/ Martin Gausby
Episode @057: Educating in Elixir with Dave Thomas
Episode @058: Actors and the Internet of Things with Carl Hewitt
Episode @059: Music to My Ears with Joe Armstrong
Episode 060: Crafting Development with Chad Fowler
Episode 061: Elixir ABCs & 123s with Jesse J. Anderson
Episode 062: From Erlang to Elixir In Action w/ Saša Jurić
Episode @063: This Transient Life with Amos King
Episode 064: Don’t Forget the Database with Josh Branchaud
Episode 065: Under the Umbrella with Chris Bell
Episode 066: From OO to FP & All the Things in Between w/ Sandi Metz
Episode 067: Betting on Elixir with Eric Entin
Episode 068: Building Bridges with Anna Neyzberg
Episode 069: The Saga of Distributed Systems (and BBQ) with Mark Allen
Episode 070: Going Big with Elixir with Ryan Bigg
Episode 071: Talking Types with Matt Ludwigs
Episode 072: Strange Brew with Brooklyn Zelenka
Episode 073: Finding the Proper Form with Louis Pilfold
Episode 074: Property-based Testing with Mark Allen and Chris Keathley
Episode 075: Visiting the Actor’s Studio with Jonas Bonér
Episode 076: Diversifying Elixir with Love with Rachael Serur and Omid Bachari
Episode @078: Software Architecture Panel with Saša Jurić & Lance Halvorsen
Episode @079 — ¡ Viva La LFE! with Robert Virding
Episode @080 — Elixir |> Erlang |> Elixir with Martin Gausby
Episode @081 Taking it to the Raxx with Peter Saxton
Episode @082 — Gleam on the BEAM with Louis Pilfold
Episode @083 Looking Back to Move Forward with Bruce Tate
Episode @084 — Setting the Foundation w/ Alistair Woodman & Miriam Pena
Episode @085 — Thinking in Erlang w/ Viktória Fördős
Episode @086 Tooling Around the BEAM w/ Tristan Sloughter & Fred Hebert



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