Adolfo Neto
Apr 10, 2023


OK, let's be careful with the author of this comment.

The following was written by Leandro Tessler in 2022:

"The lamentable Bruno Campello de Souza, a guest at Senator Big Spin Girão's session, measures vaccine effectiveness by comparing the number of vaccinated people with the number of dead 14 days later.

Stuff of genius.

Mantra 2 of the pandemic:

Psychologist is not scientist.

Needless to say, the unprecedented and brilliant methodology of the psychologist (now we must remember that a psychologist is not a scientist) has not been published in any journal.

I miss the time when guests to enlighten the public would publish their models before spouting off."

Link to the original in Portuguese:

I translated the two tweets using DeepL.




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