Kotlin talk at UTFPR

Adolfo Neto
2 min readMar 4, 2018

We have had a talk on Kotlin this Friday at UTFPR Curitiba. The talk was given by Rafael Silveira:

Rafael Silveira @rafalemonoh

The title of the talk was: “Kotlin, Problems and Productivity with Creative Teams”. So, it was not only about this new (from 2010 or 2011) programming language called Kotlin, but he also reported on his experience as a software developer and manager.

Kotlin is an interesting language supported by JetBrains, an European company whose headquarters are in Prague. It seems to have been created by a group of people from JetBrains and by Andrey Breslav (the first committer), then a Ph.D. student. Listen to episode 12 of the Mapping the Journey podcast with Breslav.

Kotlin is object-oriented and runs on the JVM. Its syntax is much more concise than Java’s. It is an official language on Android, so it now has a big company (Google) and a medium-sized company (JetBrains) rooting for its success. This is much more than Elixir has.

As I am doing research on programming language communities, I realliy enjoyed Kotlin’s Community page. One of the nice ideas presented there is that of Kotlin Nights. Elixir does not have anything like that, as far as I know. Maybe I should compare Kotlin community with Elixir community. What do you think?

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