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Elixir Brazil 2019 and other Elixir News

Adolfo Neto
2 min readMay 5, 2019


We are going to have Elixir Brasil 2019 in São Paulo in May 25th-26th. It will be the second Elixir Brasil conference. I wrote about Elixir Brasil 2018 on the Elixir Forum (videos from talks are here). It will take place at Nubank, a Brazilian unicorn startup, known for using Clojure. UPDATE (May 6th, 2019): My talk proposal for Elixir Brasil 2019 was accepted.

There is also going to be an Elixir conference in Japan:

This “Today I Learned” site by Hashrocket can be very useful:

I did my PhD. in Logic for Computer Science. So I was happy to see an intersection between Formal Verification and Elixir:

I like that almost all (if not all) Elixir conferences publish the videos for their talks:

However, Brazilian alchemists complain that when they publish José Valim’s talks, the “Lindo” (beautiful in Portuguese) screams are removed:

The Brazilian Elixir community does not communicate using Slack but on Telegram:

A new Brazilian Elixir blogger: Marcio Lopes. His latest post: “How to backup data from Postgres to AWS S3 from a Elixir application using Ports”.

Last, but not least, I want to say Rest in Peace Joe Armstrong (Erlang creator). Here is a Twitter Moment where I gathered several reactions to his death:



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