13th Annual State Of Agile Report

Adolfo Neto
2 min readMay 9, 2019

CollabNet has just published the latest version of the State of Agile report. It used to be called the VersionOne State of Agile Survey. I didn’t know but Collabnet and VersionOne have merged in 2017.

Some comments

Scrum is still the most used agile method, although it presents itself as a framework.
I have no idea why people think that Lean Startup is an agile method. For me, it is more of a business.
I don’t know what the creators of the survey mean by “OTHER/HYBRID/MULTIPLE”. For instance, a Hybrid method mixes a traditional method and an agile method? Or can it be a mix of two or more agile methods?

What do they mean by “Planning poker/team estimation”? I know that Planning Poker is a kind of team estimation. Are there other Team Estimation practices?

And why do they write “Agile Techniques” instead of “Agile Practices”?

Test-driven development (TDD) is used onlu by 33% of the respondents.
Refactoring only by 41%.
Collective code ownership only by 31%.
Are these people really using agile methods?

And why are these called “Engineering Practices”?

“How Success Is Measured…with Individual Agile Projects?”
Estimation accuracy — only 13%



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